Accidentally deleted photos from BlackBerry phone?

If you have accidentally erased some pictures from the memory card of your Blackberry Curve mobile phone, which were very close to your heart, then this article will help you to get back all deleted images by providing relevant solution i.e. memory card recovery utility. This utility can efficiently recover deleted photos memory card blackberry curve mobile under any data loss scenarios. Memory cards are the portable storage devices that are commonly used in digital cameras, cell phones etc. Memory cards use file system like hard drives or any other storage devices to organize and manage the different types of files like audios, videos, photos, documents etc. Therefore, when you remove pictures from memory card, pointers pointing to the allocation address are removed making those pictures inaccessible. Thus, you can recover deleted photos easily by using the relevant image restore tool.

Here, I will suggest you to make use of one of the best professional Deleted Image Retrieval Tool that can easily recover accidentally deleted images from the different types of memory card. It also has the ability to recover pictures deleted accidentally while previewing on Kodak EASYSHARE M530 digital camera and other famous brands of digital cameras. The chances of photo recovery depend on whether the deleted photos have been overwritten or not. Get more info here

If you have copied or saved any data over the memory card from where you have deleted the photos then there may be chances of overwriting deleted images. In such case, it is not possible to recover deleted photos from memory cards using any relevant memory card recovery tool. If precaution is taken not to overwrite the data, then deleted photo recovery software is able to restore all deleted images from memory card. This tool works effectively to retrieve accidentally deleted images from hard drive, USB flash drive and FireWire Drives. Know the exact cause for deletion before initiating photo recovery process.

Causes for deletion of photos from memory card

Unintended deletion of wrong folder that had pictures: you might have accidentally deleted a folder that had essential pictures instead of deleting some other folder which had unnecessary photos. When you delete a folder from your cell phone’s memory card, all images stored in that folder get deleted and there is no special folder to store deleted folders or files from memory cards like Recycle in hard drives

Deletion of photos while previewing the photos on BlackBerry Curve mobile: If you are previewing photos in any BlackBerry Touch model then you may accidentally touch the Delete option. As the touch screen is very sensitive than buttons, you may lose photos when you accidentally touch the Delete option

Deletion of photos from the memory card when it is connected to a PC: You might have accidentally deleted the wrong photo from the memory card when it is connected to a PC to upload those photos. If you are thinking to restore those photos from Recycle Bin or Trash then you cannot restore deleted photos from Recycle Bin or Trash. This is because, when photos are deleted from the memory card on PC then they do not get stored in the Recycle Bin or Trash. Instead, the photos bypass the Recycle Bin or Trash resulting in data loss

Deletion of photos due to antivirus scanning: When the memory card gets infected by viruses then people generally use antivirus programs to remove the viruses. When you connect your memory card to a PC, the antivirus program that has been installed on that system starts scanning to find and remove the viruses from that memory card. If the antivirus program finds any harmful viruses then it deletes the entire folder to which the virus is attached. If that folder has some essential photos then you may end up in losing all photos

How to improve the chances of photo recovery?

  • Immediately stop using the memory card. Remove it from your cell phone and keep it in a safe place
  • Install the Memory card recovery software and save the recovered data on the healthy drive to avoid overwriting of deleted photos thereby avoid further loss of photos

Noteworthy features of Memory card Recovery Tool

  • Retrieve pictures deleted from Android Smartphone MicroSD card, SD, SDHC, CF, XD, SDXC, MMC, MiniSD cards etc. and also other models of cell phone.
  • Recover deleted photos from mobile memory card different types of image files like  JPEG, TIFF, PNG, NEF, CRW, RAW etc.
  • It also has the ability to recover deleted photos from BlackBerry curve phone other types of files like audio files, video files, documents etc. from memory cards
  • This application program also recover photos from samsung galaxy cell phones after unintentional deletion, restore factory settings, virus attack & abrupt removal
  • Recovered photos can be previewed using either “File Type/ Data Type view” option to estimate the recovery results
  • Restore deleted images from Edge DiskGo USB flash drive on Mac OS X and also on Windows Operating System. Click this link to know more

Simple steps to recover deleted photos from memory card:

Step-1: To perform deleted photo recovery, download and launch Memory card Recovery Software to recover deleted photos from Blackberry Curve. Once the Memory card Recovery Software is launched, a main screen appears with 3 options. Select “Recover Photos” option among those 3 options and then select “Recover Deleted Photos” from the next screen

Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card on BlackBerry Curve Mobile - Main Screen

Step-2:Now, select the memory card of BlackBerry Curve mobile to start the photo recovery process. Once you select the memory card, the software scans the entire memory card to find and recover photos from BlackBerry Curve memory card. After photo recovery is done, you can preview the recovered photos

Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card on BlackBerry Curve Mobile- Select the appropriate logical drive

How to avoid loss of photos in the future?

  • You must take a backup of essential photos in order to avoid loss of photos
  • Before deleting any photo, make sure that either the photos stored in that specific memory card is not essential to you or you have an essential backup of those photos