Photo Recovery from Olympus Camera

Olympus camera is one of the most popular digital camera that has been loaded with many outstanding features. This camera has been loaded with lenses that are both faster and sharper than its other counterparts. Like most of the devices these cameras also support the use of memory cards which are used to store the images that are captured from the device. Despite of its features you cannot spare it from loss. It can happen due to small mistake done by you. You might be wondering whether there is a probability that photos which are deleted can be recovered. Yes it is possible. All the photos that were deleted from the Olympus camera can be rescued in less span of time with the help of photo recovery application that has been specifically designed for this purpose. The user can easily recover deleted pictures from Olympus camera without causing any damage to the original picture.

Some of the scenarios that lead to deletion of photos from Olympus camera:

  • Interruption during Photo Transfer: The memory card is connected to the system when there is a need to transfer photos from camera to the device or vice versa. Sometimes interruption during the transfer process causes deletion of all the photos that were being moved or copied. Abruptly removing the device from the system while transferring is on process also causes deletion of pictures.

  • Third Party Applications: Third party tools are installed in the system manually by the user for performing certain tasks. Sometimes while transferring photos from card to your system or vice versa, if any third party tool is installing on the background then your system may reboot on its own thus causing loss of pictures present in Olympus Camera.

  • Accidental Deletion: While viewing the pictures that are present in the camera the user might unintentionally click delete all option which takes away all the photos that were saved in the device from so long time. This is really heart breaking as all those pictures are gone with simple human error. If you want to recover deleted photos from Canon PowerShot, then click on this link:

Photo recovery application developed by engineering professionals to recover photos after accidental deletion from the Olympus camera as result of various scenarios that are mentioned above. We can scan the entire drive within few minutes and the recovered photos are listed on the basis of file name, size of the file, location in which the file is present and date of creation of the image files. A special option that has been included in the program called the “Find” option allows the user to find the restored pictures on the basis of various signatures that are associated with each of the image files present in the camera. With the help of advanced graphical user interface and the advanced features developed within the application the user can “Save” the recovery session and resume it at later stage as required by the system user. Using this feature we need not scan the entire drive again, but to just click on the saved recovery file and begin the scanning process to restore camera pictures. For more information about the process of recovery of pictures from camera click on this link.

Steps to restore deleted pictures from Olympus camera are:

Step-1: Install the application, run the program and click on the “Recover Photos” from the main screen to start the recovery process of the images that are present in the Olympus Camera.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Olympus Camera - Main Screen

Step-2: In the next window click on the “Recover Deleted Photos” and selected the drive to begin the scanning process of the deleted pictures.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Olympus Camera - Recover Deleted Photos

Step-3: After the completion of the scanning process, the photos can be previewed before saving them on the desired location as required by the user.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Olympus Camera - File Type