Windows 7 Image Recovery Software

Windows 7 Operating System is developed by Microsoft included with the most remarkable features present within it which helps user to perform various tasks without causing much trouble to the user. There are various formats of pictures that are available to the user which are present in Windows 7 Operating System like. jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .tif and other raw images which are generally much better in quality as compared to others photos. Deletion of pictures by mistake is the common scenario which might lead to removal of picture from the system. There are various other reasons that cause loss of pictures in Windows 7 operating system. Don’t panic!! This is not the permanent loss of your pictures; they are still present in your system. Only the links marked to by those files have been taken off. With the help of Picture Recovery Software for Windows 7 you can easily get back all the image files without much effort.

Common reasons that cause loss of pictures are:

Unintentional Format: Formatting the hard disk will result in complete removal of all the important pictures and other information that were stored in it. During the process of partitioning the drives that are present in the system the user might accidentally select and click on the wrong drive to format & as a result it erases all the photos present in that drive.

Shift+delete: Using "Shift+delete" option to delete a file causes loss of photos from the system. While previewing the pictures on the windows 7 machine, the user may unknowingly select the image file and press shift+delete option accidentally which causes permanent removal of those files because it bypasses the Recycle Bin. To find these deleted files on your computer, you can visit here and know more about recovering deleted files on computer.

Power Surge: Power Surge is also considered to be one of the main reasons that cause loss of image files from Windows 7 operating system. Sudden power failure while the user is previewing the pictures that were present in the drive might cause loss of those photos. Sudden power cut while the files are being transferred from one system to other storage media may also lead to deletion of photos from the system.

Picture Recovery Software for Windows 7 is an application program that has been carefully designed by team of highly qualified software professional to recover photos from PC on Windows 7 Operating System. Using picture recovery software for windows 7, you can restore Windows 7 photos that were lost from drive or any other storage media within no time. Image files that are deleted using the Shift+delete keys simultaneously bypassing the Recycle Bin can also be restored to a safer location. This tool is designed with special built in algorithms that recovers all formats of pictures that are present including the RAW photos which are considered to be of high quality. Recover those precious pictures from various types of hard drives, many formats of memory cards that are available nowadays and USB drives that used for transferring of photos from one destination drive to other system or external storage media. With the help of simple graphical user interface developed for the tool easily preview the recovered pictures prior to saving them on the desired location available to the host Operating System with the help of advanced options that are included within this recovery tool. Compress the recovered files using various compression techniques to saving disk space of the given drive.

This recovery tool is capable to restore Windows 7 photos even from flash drives. Flash drives are nothing but the small external storage devices which are used for transfer of information to various other systems. These small storage devices come in handy for storing important files. View more to know about flash drive recovery by making use of this software.

Steps to use Picture Recovery Software for Windows 7 tool:

Step-I: Install the Picture Recovery Software for Windows 7 program in the Operating System by being logged on as system administrator. Click on “Recover Photos” from the main screen to begin with the recovery process to restore Windows 7 photos

Picture Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Main Screen

Step-II: Next the tool provides you with two options which are “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Pictures” from the screen and select the drive from where the photos have been lost.

Picture Recovery Software for Windows 7 - Deleted/Lost

Step-III: The recovered data is listed on the basis of ”File Type View” or “Data View” whichever is easier for the recovery of image files.

Flash Drive Photo Recovery - Preview Screen