Restore Deleted Photos from HTC sensation

HTC Sensation is the smart-phone that was designed and developed by HTC Corporation that runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread tool. This smart-phone is designed to take pictures that are of very high quality and store them in the memory card device. This device supports variety of software that are used to perform various tasks for the user without taking much effort. It’s quite common that the photos are lost from such devices due to simple human errors or due to some reasons. Want to know how to recover deleted photos from HTC sensation? Don’t let yourself down!! The photos that get erased from the device can be restored with the help of HTC photo recovery tool. All the image files that got deleted from the device are retrieved without causing any damage to its contents.

Some of the reasons that cause deletion of photos from HTC Sensation are:

  • Accidental Format: When memory card of HTC sensation is connected to the system for transferring pictures, the user may accidentally format the device by clicking on the format option. This leads to erasing of all the photos that were present in HTC Sensation.

  • Restore Factory Settings: When someone buy new gadget or other device, they change a lot of things in it like settings, applications and other functions. All of sudden the device may hang and fails to respond, the only way to get back access is to restore it to factory settings. So when the process is going on HTC Sensation is restored but the pictures that were present earlier gets deleted. Make use of HTC sensation Photo Recovery to know how to recover deleted photos from HTC sensation

  • Unintentional Deletion: While viewing some of your memorable images randomly you may accidentally select all photos present in HTC Sensation smart-phone and click the delete all button from the device, which as per the instructions removes all of them and you will be left with nothing but an empty folder.

Tips to avoid permanent deletion of lost images:

HTC sensation Photo Recovery tool helps you to get back the entire photos that were deleted by you due to some or the other reasons. This software restore all the pictures from HTC Sensation by scanning the entire device in a couple of minutes and listing the images on the basis of name, file size, date of creation of file or the extensions that are used with it. With the help of powerful scanning engine that has been developed within this tool it can effectively restore RAW images that are present in the device without damaging the quality of the picture or the different resolutions that are associated with it. The images obtained after the completion of the recovery process can be compressed by using various levels of compressing techniques so that the disk space present in the given drive can be saved. The most admired feature of this application is that it allows you to save the scanning process in between so that you can resume it at later stage. The user need not scan the entire drive again, to retrieve deleted photos from pc but just select the saved recovery session and resume it from where you had stopped.

With so many features included within HTC sensation Photo Recovery utility, the user can also easily restore photos from Samsung Galaxy. As mentioned above photos are lost due to various reasons and hence they should be retrieved as they are very much important to us. Follow the link to get more information on this recovery tool.

As there are many cell phones that are present in the market, one of the most popular brand that is recognized around the world is Blackberry. With so advanced features this cell phone has captured everyone's eye. We know that data loss is quite common in all the devices, hence this tool also undergoes deletion of photos from the cell phone due to various unknown reasons. What ever may be the cause, just click here to know more about the recovery process.

Procedure to know how to recover deleted photos from HTC sensation:

Step-1: Connect the memory card & install the software in the system by logging in as local system administrator to know how to recover deleted photos from HTC sensation. Click on the “Recover Photos” that’s provided in the main screen.In the next window you have to select the "Recover Deleted Photos" and proceed with the recovery process.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Sensation - Main Screen

Step-2: Select the drive from where the photos have been deleted and begin with the recovery process.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Sensation - Select Device

Step-3: Select the files and preview them, before saving them to the desired location on the destination folder.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Sensation - File Type