Restore Deleted Photos from PC

It may have happened most of the time that you have deleted your memorable or precious photos from your computer accidentally or intentionally and later found them to be really important. Don’t think that you cannot get back your deleted pictures or any other important files back again. You may think that once you delete photos from Recycle Bin or your image files bypass the Recycle Bin then it is permanently deleted. But it is totally wrong concept, when any file is deleted from PC then the space is only marked as free and it is hidden in some part of hard drive. So recovery of deleted photo is possible, but be sure that the space is not overwritten by any new file because once it is overwritten, you may lose your data permanently.

Some scenarios due to which your precious photos may get deleted are given below:

  • You want to delete unwanted image but mistakenly you may choose the option "Shift + Delete" and have deleted your favorite photo instead of that unwanted photo.
  • In the Recycle Bin, sometimes without checking the items you may press "Empty Recycle Bin" and later find out that you badly need this photo.
  • Sudden termination of system due to power failure during file transfer may lead to deletion of photos.
  • When you were installing a third party application or using a cleaning tool to remove unused files or unwanted photo may sometimes one or more of your pictures gets deleted without knowledge.
  • Virus attack may also cause deletion of photos without your knowledge.

But when you delete a file from your computer, whether hard drive or Recycle Bin, OS asks you if you really want to delete that file. It gives you a reminder if you surely want to delete that file because sometimes you delete a file thinking you do not need it any more but may want this after few days or months. In such case recovery tool helps you in great manner. You can recover deleted photos from PC that are deleted willingly or unwillingly from your PC by using Deleted Photo Recovery software. Using this tool you can recover deleted photos from PC and other files within a couple of minutes. To know the procedure required to find deleted photos on your computer, you can visit

Deleted Photo Recovery software is a user friendly application and can be used even by a person without any technical knowledge. The recovery process can be done only with a few mouse clicks. It restores photos and also other files like videos, songs; graphics, texts, etc. back to the computer. It can perform deleted image recovery on CF card, SD card, digital cameras, USB flash drives etc. Photos or other files that are large in size, when you delete them bypass Recycle Bin and they are deleted from the system. But with the help of this recovery tool, you can easily get back your photos. Easily perform recovery of images deleted accidentally while previewing on Kodak EASYSHARE M530 digital camera and also different brands of digital camera like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Kodak, etc. Deleted Photo Recovery software supports to restore deleted photos from PC or other files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT file system in Windows Operating System. Similarly, for Mac version, follow so that you can recover deleted photos from PC with HFSX or HFS+ volumes. The application also performs recovery of pictures with almost all file format like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, and RAW. It is capable to recover deleted photos from PC on the basis of their signatures.

Step-1: Install and launch Deleted Photo recovery tool and run the application to recover deleted photos from PC. From the main screen select "Recover Photos" out of the three options to restore deleted photos from PC.

Recover Deleted Photos from PC -Main Screen

Step-2:Then next screen appears, from that select "Recover Deleted Photos" option.

Recover Deleted Photos from PC- Select Deleted Photo

Step-3: Then you have to select the hard drive and click "Next" option to proceed for the next step.

Recover Deleted Photos from PC-Select the appropriate logical drive