Recover Pictures from Flash Drive

Have you accidentally deleted photos from flash drive? If the deleted photos are valuable and no backup is available with user then after such accidental deletion, users usually get tension. However, there is no need to worry at all. The reason is, it is possible to recover pictures from flash drive by making use of Flash Drive Image Recovery.

When user accidentally deletes any photos from flash drive, those not sent to Recycle Bin; rather those bypass Recycle Bin and get delete directly. Many times users are unaware of this fact and therefore such accidental deletion is always been seen. In such situation, Deleted Photos Recovery tool can easily carry out flash drive photo recovery. This tool supports photo recovery on both Windows and Mac operating systems and can easily recover deleted photos from Edge DiskGo USB flash drive on Mac OS X. Visit here to know more. This accidental deletion also takes place when user deletes multiple photos on flash drive by mistake instead of deleting selected one. Even when user uses drag and delete option to delete photos, user is more prone to delete unintended files accidentally. With flash drive image recovery software user can restore deleted photos from camera card in a couple of mouse clicks.

Deletion of files from flash drive also takes place during file transfer from flash drive to computer. If user is transferring files using Cut + Paste command and if in between power surge takes place or user abruptly turns off the computer, then it can result into deletion of some of the files which are not pasted yet. In this situation, user can perform flash drive photo recovery by using Deleted Photos Recovery software. Along with USB flash drives, this tool also help users to recover photos from various memory cards and facilitates them to retrieve deleted photos from CF card of various brands. Apart from above file transfer scenario, file deletion from flash drive also takes place when user abruptly removes out flash drive connected to computer during file transfer.

Virus infection is also one of the reasons of deletion of files from flash drive. Viruses enter in the flash drive when those connected to virus-infected computer. Viruses attack on photos, videos and other data files on flash drive and can delete those. After such deletion, it is possible to carry out flash drive photo recovery using flash drive image recovery utility. User can also recover photos from external hard drive, memory sticks, camcorders, iPods etc. It also helps user to get back deleted photos from Android Smartphone Micro SD card within few minutes.

After virus infection when user employs some antivirus program to remove viruses, the program scans flash drive, detects viruses and deletes those. However if antivirus program is not able to scan any of the suspected files on flash drive, then it can delete such suspected file. If any important files get deleted during this, then user can retrieve those using flash drive photo recovery utility. This software also helps user to restore deleted images from memory card BlackBerry Curve mobile and other storage devices.

Apart from mobile and hard disks, this tool is also able to recover accidentally deleted photos while previewing on Kodak EASYSHARE M530 digital camera and from other brands of cameras too. Follow to discover more about it. In all these situations, photos not deleted permanently, instead the pointer pointing to the memory location, where photos were stored is removed out; therefore, one can recover pictures from flash drive by using Deleted Photos Recovery software. This software also supports to recover deleted photos Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2003 and 2008 Operating Systems.

There are various cameras that are available that capture pictures and store them in the device. One of the most popular cameras that are used by professional photographers is Olympus. Built in with great features capturing photos with this application is a very easy task. Sometimes as accidents tend to happen, you lose all the photos you had taken from the Olympus camera. Need not worry, click here to know how to get back all the photos.

Perform these steps to recover pictures from flash drive:

Step-I: Launch free demo version of Deleted Photos Recovery tool, on main screen choose "Recover Photos" as illustrated in fig 1 to recover pictures from flash drive.

Flash Drive Photo Recovery - Main Window

Step-II: On the next screen you will get two options, select "Recover Deleted Photos" among them to perform flash drive image recovery

Flash Drive Photo Recovery - Select Recovery Option

Step-III: Then you have to choose the flash drive from which photos are to be recovered and click "Next" option to proceed towards the next step.

Flash Drive Photo Recovery - Select Flash Drive