Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos

Have you accidentally deleted important photos from your hard disk? Most of such scenarios take place when users make use of Shift + Delete key combination to delete some data such as photos, videos, audios and other files from their computer. However, later they find that, those deleted files were important. As, Shift Deleted files bypass Recycle Bin and get deleted directly, after this the question arises how to recover accidentally deleted photos? In order to restore deleted pictures and other media files one can make use of deleted pictures recovery software.

Shift Deletion is not only the reason of accidental deletion. Beside this, many times people accidentally delete wrong file which is important for them while deleting some other files. It may happen when they use ‘Ctrl’ key for selecting multiple files for deletion and unintentionally select an important photo file along with it. In such scenarios, user should not be panic and think how to recover accidentally deleted photos; instead, user should go for deleted photos recovery software. This software also has ability to restore deleted photos from Edge DiskGo USB flash drive on Mac and from other flash drives and have a answer for how to recover accidentally deleted photos.

It also happens when user deletes a large file from their hard drive; the deleted file may not be sent to Recycle Bin, due to its large size and gets deleted directly. Also when user transfers photos, videos and other files from computer to any other removable data storage device or vice versa, if during this computer is abruptly shut down then files being transferred can get deleted. Files also get deleted when user abruptly removes card reader or data cable connecting removable data storage device to computer. After such type of deletion, it is possible to carry out deleted photos recovery along with other files using photo recovery tool. To get back deleted images from Android Smartphone micro SD card and from other types of memory cards as well, this software is the best solution.

Deletion of photos and other files also take place during file transfer process when power failure takes place. When user removes data from computer using Cut command and before pasting it to designated drive using Paste option, if power failure takes place, then the Cut photos and other data can get deleted. In such cases how to recover deleted photos and other data is not a big issue as deleted photos recovery tool can do it with utmost ease. It also facilitates user to retrieve deleted pictures from BlackBerry Curve mobile memory card along with other files in few simple mouse clicks.

When people accidentally choose to delete many photos from camera card on digital camera or cell phone by choosing Select All option followed by Delete, they may include unintended files also. After such type of deletion, it is possible to recover all deleted files from memory card. For an instance, one can make use of this tool to recover accidentally deleted photos while previewing on Kodak EASYSHARE M530 digital camera.

Windows 7 is one of the most recognized operating system that is being used widely in the present generation. It is been loaded with the best graphical user interface and many other application programs for better performance. Wondering how to retrieve accidentally deleted pictures from Windows 7? Go to so that you can view the steps of recovery software to find missing pictures in Windows 7 machine.

Among the most popular brand of phones HTC is the most recognized one. This device captures and stores all the pictures in the memory card which has a high data storage capacity. Due to human errors or some other faults the photos present in storage media gets deleted. To gather more information on how to retrieve accidentally deleted pictures from HTC click here>>.

Steps to know how to recover accidentally deleted photos:

Step-I: Install and launch Deleted Photos Recovery tool and run the application to know how to retrieve accidentally deleted pictures. From the home screen choose "Recover Photos" out of the three options .

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos - Main Window

Step-II: From the next window, select "Recover Deleted Photos" option.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos - Select Recovery Option

Step-III: Then you have to choose the hard drive, from which photos are to be recovered and click "Next" option to proceed towards the next step.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos - Select the Drive